If you have a Westsail, and need repair or replacement parts or a survey or information, there is a single source for all of it.

Westsail Parts Company has copies of all of the original Westsail drawings and specifications, construction manuals, labor standards, and patterns on some of the wood parts; as well as sources of all the specially built metal parts made for the Westsails.

Bud Taplin, the founder and proprietor of Westsail Parts Company, was the first general manager of Westsail Corporation, and developed the manufacturing methods and put into production the original Westsail 32 in 1972.

Replacement parts are available for all sizes of Westsail boats, as well as technical assistance and advice.
If you are planning to buy or sell a Westsail, or prepare for an ocean passage, Bud is available to survey your boat and advise on the condition and equipment needed. This unique service is available to all Westsail owners by just picking up the phone and calling. If your boat has sustained major damage, Bud will come out and survey the boat, prepare an estimate of the repair costs for insurance purposes,
and then offer to supply all of the materials and advice needed to restore the boat to its original condition.



A 90 page "how to" manual of preventative maintenance, replacement parts, and upgrades is available for the cost of $20.00, including mailing. This information is from the files of Worldcruiser, and contains a collection of service information, preventative maintenance tips, upgrade modifications and parts, and replacement parts availability for the entire line of Westsail cruising sailboats.

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